• GTT instantly populates your calendar with real events from your area that instantly become real excuses for getting out of everything.
  • The GTT Team pulls location-based events from Eventbrite, Kimono Labs, Facebook and more. We also outsource advanced "busyness" excuses from our think tank of dead beat Dads. They've been making excuses our entire lives.
  • We pull location based events from Eventbrite, Kimino Labs, and more. Try our advanced "Busyness" calendars with excuses created by our think tank of deadbeat Dads. They've been making excuses their entire lives. 


  • GTT's "Get Busy" button instantly floods your calendar with excuses. Want your REAL calendar back? Use the "Go Clear" feature to wipe your schedule and go back to your boring life.
  • In a situation that you have to get out of now? Why not "Ghost." Click the g-button and GTT sends you a notification with an event happening at that exact moment. See you later boring conversation. I Got A Thing™ a block away and it's happening NOW.

We Pull Events From


Event Categories

Choose the events you'd like people to think you like. You can almost not do anything!


Block out Time and Date Ranges

Make sure you block off the desired time for watching Netflix. You know - waking hours.

3 Levels of "Busyness"

Our advanced settings allow you to determine how busy you want to seem. Choose from the three calendar settings below: Busy, Super Busy, and Go Fuck Yourself.