We have a true passion for doing nothing.


When we can get to it.


Meet The Team

Hey! From left to right we're Adam, Juan, Nat, Sascha and Evan. We were going to write bios out for everyone, but we... uh... had to go to the Brooklyn Underground Gazpacho Festival. Yeah! That's what we had to do!

Open Position

Chief Event Escapist

We're looking to add a wizard of escape. A master of the "Irish Goodbye!" Are you the Houdini of getting out of parties and the Michael Jordan of avoiding awkward social interactions? Come work with us as our Chief Event Escapist and help develop new technologies in event avoidance.


  • Masterfully improvising excuses on the fly.
  • Capable of producing a steady stream of B.S.
  • Nothing going on, and yet, everything going on?